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Bay Area singer, songwriter and teacher.

Internalizing a place and time with some dubiously effective art.

The “Legacy Campus” Quad of the Lindenwood Colleges, 1973.

This is about an illustration for the KPFA Folio magazine I made a long time ago, in 1977. The graphic that went to print is further down the page. You’re going to be looking for a drawing of a landscape…

A Christmas Tale of Triumph over a Quarter Century Of Procrastination.

It was 1995, Christmas was coming, and I just felt I’d waited long enough: I had this big idea for a Christmas card for twenty-five years or more. I had thought about it, sketched it, and put it away…

Art Show Episode Four

Photostats of the original drawing and Letraset text, liberally Wite-outed to erase shadows in further printing.

In summer of 1978, still volunteering at the KPFA Folio department, I landed the assignment of designing the graphic art for a benefit concert featuring the music of Woody Guthrie. I had the details and the list of performers, and otherwise free rein with the design. That was fortunate. I…

An artifact of days when I seemed to have infinite patience, a curiously expressed notion of ambition, and apparently little or no need of money.

From February through May in 1978, a major loan exhibition came to San Francisco’s deYoung Museum, Treasures of Early Irish Art, covering a 3000 year…

In which a variety of old images are shown.

Newsprint colored neon. Dazzling. Subtle. Sophisticated. Hard to draw.

This article is not about “East Bay Eats”. I never liked that phrase to begin with.

Continuing to go through my old portfolios, here’s another set of images from my late ’70s graphics work for the KPFA Folio. Below is how…

I used to make visual art. Might again sometime.

That little B. in the lower right? That was me at 25.

So, with this plague going around, we’re staying at home more, and finding novel things to do. Lucy and I discussed putting together a picture puzzle on the dining room table, but agreed that we’re both so compulsive that if we…

Richard Brandenburg

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